The Gilberts have been beekeeping in South Australia since 1970. Our honey is 100% pure, unprocessed and naturally derived from the comb. There are no additives. We collect from Flinders Ranges, the Mid North, York Peninsula, the South East, Coorong District, Murray lands, the Riverland and Mt Lofty Ranges.

We also source honey from interstate including organic Jarrah from Western Australia and organic Ligurian bee honey from Kangaroo Island (the Ligurian bee sanctuary).

We also stock the medicinal honey from New Zealand, Manuka and also offer Jelly Bush which is a South Australian alternative. We have Leatherwood honey from Tasmania and Acacia honey from Hungary.

Honey is available pre-packed or in bulk, so feel free to bring in your own containers to have filled for cheaper. Honey can be purchased for discounted prices when buying in large amounts and if you are a business.